Plenary Panel 5: Ontology-enabled technologies for Food Sustainability and Health

Plenary 5 panelists explore technical uses of ontologies: block chain for food traceability, scientific data provenance, food mapping, and other technologies that for improving traceability, transparency, trust, and personalization of the foods we eat.

Benjamin Good

The Scripps Research Institute - Developer of Gene Wiki in Wikidata; ontributor to GeneGames where players defeat their opponent by finding the best combination of genes for predicting breast cancer prognosis in real life.

Chris Baker

CEO, IPSNP Computing Inc; 2016 finalist for the Canadian Open Data Leader of the Year; Professor and Chair of the department of Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick

Susana Crespo

Senior Research Analyst for Research and Strategic Planning at Esri, and formerly Esri's Agriculture Industry Manager

Soren Solari

Founder and CEO – Simigence. Simigence is focused on revolutionizing personalized nutrition and health with simulated intelligence.

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