Aifric O'Sullivan

UC Dublin School of Agriculture & Food Science and Institute of Food & Health

Dr Aifric O’Sullivan is an Assistant Professor in the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science and the UCD Institute of Food and Health.

Dr O’Sullivan’s research aims to understand interactions between diet and metabolism that define nutritional phenotypes across the lifespan.  She is PI of the UCD Twin Study exploring the genetic and environmental influences on food choice and metabolomics and leads the nutrition component of the AgriDiet project in Tanzania with the aim to understand agri-nutrition linkages and potential for sustainable interventions towards future food and nutrition security. Much of her research involves the application of metabolomics as a method to explore differential responses to diet, lifestyle and interventions. She is a deputy director of the UCD Childhood and Human Development Research Centre and a member of the Metabolomics Society, the Nutrition Society (UK) and the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO).

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