Casey Hoy

Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystems Management & Discovery Themes Initiative Leader for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT); Ohio State University

Casey Hoy, Professor and former Associate Chairman of the Department of Entomology, has held the Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystems Management and provided leadership to the Agroecosystems Management Program of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center since 2006.  Prof. Hoy’s past research has included systems analysis and its application to integrated pest management and applied ecology.  His current work provides interdisciplinary leadership toward advancements in agroecosystem health and sustainable communities. He currently leads the Ohio State University Discovery Themes Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation, InFACT, an investment of more than $100 million over the next 10 years in resilient and sustainable food security, including 30 new faculty hires across the University.  Prof. Hoy has taught graduate level courses in systems analysis and quantitative methods in environmental research.  He has received the OARDC Multidisciplinary Team Research Award, OARDC Distinguished Faculty Research Award, and the ESA Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management.  He has served on many federal grant review panels, the Ohio Food Policy Advisory Council, several boards of trustees and the executive committee for the Kellogg endowed Inter-institutional Network for Food and Agricultural Sustainability.   

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