Damion Dooley

University of British Columbia - Developer of FOODON ontology


FOODON is a consortium-driven OWL ontology project aiming to describe food according to various facets that fit within the OBO Foundry family of ontologies. Initial applications of the ontology range from chemical and nutritional analysis of food ingredients, to food descriptions used in pathogen sampling and epidemiological outbreak investigations.  Damion began work on the project as a needed component of the IRIDA.CA project for rapid enteric pathogen whole genome sequencing.  Damion has identified LanguaL™ as a key terminology resource to import into the ontology, in combination with the NCBI taxonomy hierarchy of organisms.


Damion is a scientific programmer in the Hsiao BC Public Health Microbiology & Reference Laboratory, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, which is affiliated with the University of British Columbia Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  Since 2013 he has been a key part of the Genome Canada funded IRIDA.CA project, with a focus on biomedical ontology development in support of rapid enteric whole genome sequencing and analysis. 

Previously, as CTO of his consultancy, Learningpoint.ca, he had a key role in several startups including Ecotagious.ca, focusing on consumer and utility electricity conservation programs, and in Jitsulab.com as the lead developer of academic-grade survey software, including drag and drop form generation, handling of categorical, ordinal and interval data collection, with many built-in features like question randomization and visual reports.

His internet focus dates back to 1998, whereas Partner and Director of Application Development at Communicopia Internet Inc., he lead the development of  Presto, a multilingual, graph based content management system that served the business needs of over 30 clients including Electronic Arts, YWCA, and BC Law Courts Library. Offering dynamic form construction, report writing, email messaging, user authentication, and a drag & drop content management interface, it provided hands-on experience in building many of the foundational content management system elements that are now common on the Internet.

Damion graduated with an Honours BA degree in Cognitive Science from Simon Fraser University in 1993.

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