Daniela Barile

UC Davis Food Science and Technology

Daniela Barile is Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Her research is focused at the interface of food and health. The Barile Lab has established a high-throughput platform based on advanced mass spectrometry to investigate bioactive compounds in foods and in a range of relatively untapped organic waste streams for valuable, healthful bioactive compounds (such as free oligosaccharides, peptides, glycoproteins and glycolipids). Her lab aims to understand bioactive compounds formation, their recovery from food production side streams, and their specific interactions within the human body. Her capacity to translate basic research findings to actual practical value is of significant relevance, thanks to a network of 15 food industries that routinely collaborate with her lab. The highly collaborative aspect of her research is evidenced by the publication, during the past 5 years, of over 50 manuscripts in leading peer-reviewed food science journals and 3 chapters in specialized books. This research provides social/economic benefits by capturing value from agricultural by-products and addresses the public interest in the role of gut microbiota inhuman health.

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