Duccio Cavalieri

Professor of Microbiology at the University of Florence

Duccio Cavalieri is currently professor of Microbiology at the University of Florence. Previously he was Harvard Fellow and Group Leader at the Center for Genomics research at Harvard (1999-2005), Group Leader and Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Florence (2004-2010) and Computational Biology Department Director and Group Leader at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (2010-2015).

As coordinator of the computational biology department at Fondazione Edmund Mach (CRI), Dr. Cavalieri undertook the ambitious challenge to lead the application of computational biology to complex agricultural systems and to the connection between nutrition, the microbiome, and human health (see here).  Cavalieri’s Comparative Genomics research unit main scientific focus is investigating the evolutionary biology of the “holobiome”, the complex network of symbiotic interactions linking the microbiome and the host, including immune system regulation.


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