Erika Dimmler

U.S. Project Manager, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation -- a London-based non-profit whose mission is to improve the health and well being of future generations through the food they eat.

Erika is the U.S. based Project Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, a non-profit
based in London whose mission is to improve the health and well being of future
generations through the food they eat. Here in the U.S, JOFF has partnered with Stanford
University to create a nine-week culinary education program that teaches graduate and
undergraduate students basic cooking and nutrition. The pilot is rooted in Jamie’s core
belief that food education sets a path for a lifetime of kitchen confidence and essential
nutritional education.

Erika arrived in California and the food world in 2012 via FUSE, a mid-career fellowship
whose mission is to utilize the talent of entrepreneurial professionals in order to tackle the
nation’s most pressing problems through one-year placements in local and federal
government. In this capacity, Erika worked for the office of Mayor Kevin Johnson, building a
signature initiative in conjunction with Alice Waters in Sacramento’s Oak Park
neighborhood that approaches food education and justice through four pillars: the
classroom, the garden, the teaching kitchen, and the cafeteria. In this capacity Erika also
took on school lunch service for the district, successfully creating a program that eliminated
processed foods and introduced an increase in fresh fruit, vegetables, and meals cooked
from scratch.

Prior to her time in California, Erika covered national politics and government for CNN in
Washington, DC for almost two decades, including five years at the White House chronicling
both Bush and Obama administrations. Her duties at the network not only focused on the
editorial elements of any given story, but also extended to capturing key moments through
the lens of her camera. Erika is a recipient of a Peabody Award for coverage of Hurricane
Katrina, and for coverage of Presidential and Primary Debates.

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