Ned Spang

Food Science and Technology Department & Center for Water-Energy Efficiency, UC Davis

Ned Spang is Assistant Professor in the Food Science and Technology Department and Associate Director of the Center for Water-Energy Efficiency at UC Davis.

Dr. Spang’s research focuses on characterizing and optimizing the efficiency of linked water, energy, and food resource systems. Using methodologies from the fields of industrial ecology, economics, and geography he seeks to measure and monitor these systems and their interrelationships in high-resolution and across multiple scales. He further seeks to understand the influence of external markets, technological innovation and policies on this integrated food-water-energy nexus. His recent publications explore mapping energy flows through water infrastructure, enhancing the conservation signal and stability of water rates, and estimating worldwide water consumption for energy production. Dr. Spang also serves as the Associate Director at the Center for Water-Energy Efficiency at UC Davis. The Center aims to research, develop, and disseminate efficient technologies and effective policy for integrated water and energy conservation.

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