Nick Holden

School Of Biosystems & Food Engineering, University College Dublin

My research interests are related to the sustainability of agriculture and food chain systems, with a focus on:

- Life Cycle Assessment
- Soil Science (Soil Quality)
- Agricultural Systems

I studied geographical and soil sciences to PhD level and then worked as an NERC research fellow (UK) and a Newman Scholar (Irl) looking at water and nutrient transport process in soils and the controlling influence of soil structure.

As a member of the biosystems engineering discipline since 1998, I teach  life cycle assessment, green technology projects and research and teaching methods. I  also supervises graduate and post-doctoral research as part of the activity of my research group. I am a Principal Investigator in the UCD Institute of Food and Health (leader of the Food Chain Sustainability theme) and UCD Earth Institute (member of the Crops of the Future theme). 

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