Patrick Huber

Landscape Analysis and Systems Research Lab, Agricultural Sustainability Institute and Information Center for the Environment, UC Davis

Dr. Patrick Huber is a conservation scientist at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute and the Information Center for the Environment at UC Davis. He received his Ph.D. in Geography from UC Davis and held a postdoctoral position there as well. His work is focused on landscape-scale ecological patterns and processes and the effects of spatial scale on conservation planning. Spatial analytic tools that he regularly uses include GIS analysis, Marxan reserve selection software, connectivity modeling, and spatially-explicit population models. He has worked for several years on a project that looks to explicitly link data that are associated with the sustainable sourcing of agricultural products as well as sustainable agriculture within regional contexts. Another major ongoing project he has worked on for a number of years has been the Regional Advance Mitigation Planning project (RAMP). This project is an effort by California’s infrastructure and regulatory agencies (in concert with federal regulatory agencies) to establish a new framework for the planning and implementation of compensatory mitigation actions. Dr. Huber’s continuing role is as a spatial analyst, currently focused on a pilot effort in the San Francisco Bay Area intended as a demonstration of the new framework. An important component of this process is the identification of regional “greenprints”, or the set of conservation priorities within which to focus mitigation activity thereby addressing multiple ecological needs beyond the bottom line mitigation requirements.


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