Pier Luigi Buttigieg

Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology - Developer of the Environment Ontology

My work focuses on the application of bioinformatics and multivariate statistics to the diverse data sets derived from microbial ecology investigations. Within the scope of Micro B3 (www.microb3.eu), I also develop resources and tools to assist microbial ecologists in learning and effectively using these techniques. Concurrently, I develop and co-lead the Environment Ontology (ENVO; www.environmentontology.org) in support of semantically consistent data standardisation across and beyond the life sciences. I work to combine semantics, bioinformatics, and data analysis in aid of meaningfully mobilising ecological data and detecting structure in this complex and plastic context. My past training in biochemistry, cell biology, and marine microbiology grounds my current in silico work in biological knowledge. This knowledge motivated and guided my doctoral work in bioinformatics, through which I transitioned into my current domain. My doctoral thesis focused on the comparative analysis of microbial (meta)genomic data to reveal environmental signatures and examine protein domains of unknown function in light of their ecogenomic variation. Specialties: multivariate statistical analysis. exploratory data analysis, ecogenomics, comparative genomics, ontology development.

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