Soren Solari

Founder and CEO – Simigence. Simigence is focused on revolutionizing personalized nutrition and health with simulated intelligence.

Soren Solari, PhD is the founder and CEO of Simigence Inc.  Simigence is developing Simpa, a simulated personal advocate, empowering individuals with real-time interactive nutrition and activity suggestions based on an individual’s personal data.   Prior to working on Simpa, Dr. Solari was the senior software and analytics architect at the Nestle Institute of Health Science in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he lead the understanding of diverse bioinformatics data as well as developed new personalized nutrition analytics being implemented at Nestle.  Prior to Nestle, Dr. Solari spent several years working for Opera Solutions in big data analytics, developing new algorithms and implementing solutions for fortune 1000 companies.    Soren holds patents in functional interpretations of brains in computers and non-linear predictive analytics.


  • PhD Integrative Neuroscience – University of California, San Diego
  • MS  Control Theory – University of California, San Diego
  • BS/BA Electrical Engineering – University of San Diego

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