Conference Aims

IC-FOODS brings together the brightest minds in ontological, computational, and mathematical modeling from around the world together with domain experts whose work resides along the Environment⇔Ag⇔Food⇔Diet⇔Health knowledge spectrum. This gathering provides opportunities to work together to aggregate, design, and develop standardized, human and machine readable vocabularies and ontologies that advance the nascent fields of Food Systems, Food, and Health Informatics. These ontologies hold promise for enabling vast informatics ecosystems capable of uniting disciplines and enabling powerful insights and discovery across knowledge domains. A key focus of this conference will be the development of frameworks for domain specific ontologies to interoperate with the Global Agricultural Concept Schema (GACS). Building on the model of, there will also be time allotted for consortium building with industry representatives, and identification of technologies and potential business models that can be built on top of these powerful vocabularies.

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