uc_Ferment Ontology

To include all major classes of fermentation as well as the organism, environment, and substrates needed for the execution of fermentation.


The ontology of fermentation, created by Aaron Baer, began with the idea of the ontology of beer. The ontology of beer was meant to describe sensory attributes of beer. This idea then expanded to encompass more than ethanol fermentation, instead the ontology of fermentation classifies and describes three different types of fermentation, ethanol, lactic acid, and soy. The ontology presents information about the environment, the substrates needed, and the organisms involved in the execution of each type of fermentation. The ontology also contains products that can be made with the aid of fermentation, such as, distilling spirits, or producing fermented dairy products like yakult and nham. Using imported ontologies and through research about fermentation, the ontology will continue to be expanded and improved to more easily present information about all classes of fermentation.

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