Ontology of Sensation

To include all major classes of sensory descriptive terms that would be used to describe the sensory qualities of any particular event. ie when drinking a cold glass of cider, eating your favorite meal, or hearing the pleasant sound of music.


This ontology was first devised as an ontology of beer and beer related attributes. The creator, Aaron Baer, is an avid homebrewer and has interests in beer and all things beer related. However, without any formal ontology of sensory descriptive terms to describe the attributes of a sensory experience ie tasting a beer, it became difficult to find a way to classify the individual properties of the beer. This led to the decision to shift away from the ontology of beer to the ontology of sensation. The goal: to devise an ontology with descriptors for sensory events, in order to allow individuals (scientists, businesses, and consumers) to better communicate about sensory stimuli. uc_Sense was accepted as the subject for an extended abstract and flash talk presentation at the 2016 ICBO (International Conference on Biological Ontology), the talk was given by professor and contributor Matthew Lange PhD. 

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