10 Thousand Grandparents

Food Is the Original Source Code

Migrations and mingling of people & cultures across borders fuel the cycle of gastronomic ingenuity: inventing, melding, adapting and reinventing indigenous methods for food production, preparation, consumption. Currently untapped: a vast global repository of traditional food wisdom trapped in the minds of our elders, and disappearing faster than rainforests.

Grandparents are the Original Hackers

Our elders’ practiced knowledge of food, usually passed-down without permanent record, holds heritage value ranging in scope: wild plant identification/use, cultivation, recipes, scrap reuse, and medicinal applications. Memorializing these skills, knowledge, and abilities in searchable digital platforms holds potential to unlock local and global health, hunger, and sustainability solutions.

The project

Please join us for the project launch on Friday 22 March at California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.