The burgeoning Internet of Food is inevitably growing from the digitisation of data, information, and deep knowledge from across the entire life cycle of Food including domains like Ag, Health, Food and Food-System Informatics such as supply chain and manufacturing systems. Advancement of this Internet of Food requires agreed-upon standards for interoperable machine readable representations of information in the form of identifiable sensors and data collection technologies; structured vocabularies and ontologies for annotating emerging data streams; as well as data storage and transmission protocols. The purpose is to foster collaboration and growth across disciplines, technologies, and applications for scientific interrogation, sharing, and commerce across actors and stakeholders in food life cycles and value chains.


The Registration fee is waived for students with accepted poster submissions. We are seeking solutions and welcome your Poster submissions in these or closely related fields.

  • Are you a scientist detailing the chemical/physical/biological and organoleptic qualities of food?
  • Are you  studying issues of agriculture, sustainability, health and waste?
  • Are you a computer scientist working in machine learning or artificial intelligence applications for the Food domain?

The Poster can cover recent work that has been accepted or presented elsewhere with proposed future work.

We have cash awards of USD 500 for the best posters in these 3 areas:

  1. Environment & Agriculture

  2. Food & Health

  3. Data/Information/Knowledge Computation/Communication/Visualization



Key dates
Submission deadline - November 4th Midnight PST.
Accepted subscriptions will be notified on a rolling basis. 


Topics of interest include the following data and/or informatics solutions to building the IoF. 

  • Animal Production: Seafood, Dairy, Meat, Poultry

  • Crop: Row Crops, Specialty Crops

  • Food Safety

  • Food Processing

  • Supply Chain

  • Food Consumption and Habits

    • Consumption behaviour

    • Precision Nutrition and Personalized Foods

  • Individual Health Phenotype and Measurement Methods

    • Nutrigenomics and Metabolic Phenotypes

    • Physical Activity Phenotypes

  • Microbiome and Microbial Informatics

    • Fermentation

    • Decomposition

    • Energy Production

    • Bacteria in the human body

  • Food Loss and Waste

    • Loss prevention

    • Effluent bioactivity discovery

    • Reuse

    • Energy Production

  • Sensors and Robotics

    • Farming

    • Food Processing

    • Supply Chain

  • Food Laws and Regulations

  • Data analysis techniques and proven relationships in the above listed data domains, with or without an ontological reference   


    • Rule based systems, Logic based system

    • AI, ML

    • Stochastic/probabilistic model


Reviewing Committee

Chris Mungall, Lawrence Berkely Lab
Nick Holden, UC Dublin
Aifric O Sullivan, UC Dublin
Matthew Lange, UC Davis
Danielle Barille, UC Davis
Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Max Plank Institute

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