Welcome to IC-FOODS

IC3-FOODS is the new International ConferenceConsortiumCenter for
Food Ontology, Operability, Data and Semantics. 

Headquartered at the University of California, Davis, 
IC3-FOODS is collaborating with partners around the world to coordinate and build the ontological and semantic infrastructure for the next-gen Internet of Food(IoF), including those aspects related to Health, and Sustainability.

IC3-FOODS consists of 3 specific efforts:

  1. International Conference for Food Ontology, Operability, Data & Semantics will assemble stakeholders who desire to integrate informatics systems currently residing along the 
    EnvironmentAgFoodDietHealth knowledge spectrum, into:

  2. International Consortium of FOODS will maintain membership of representative stakeholders from academia, industry, and (non-)governmental organizations to support and guide research priorities and development trajectories. These research priorities will be carried out by grants to external entities and through funding of:

  3. International Center for FOODS is a newly funded entity with mission of hosting the I-Conference-FOODS, administering the I-Consortium of FOODS, and designing and building ontological underpinnings for the emerging semantic web of ag, food, diet, and health. The I-Center FOODS also seeks funding from sources external to the consortium, in order to expand capacity for the consortium members and the center itself.

At IC3-FOODS we're laying foundations and promoting the burgeoning fields of Food Systems, Food, and Health Informatics, ushering in a new era of intelligent, eco-friendly food growing, processing, and precise personalized recommendation systems able to improve our food system for increased sustainability, health, and delight of food.

We're designing and building precompetitive informatics platforms to enable ecosystems of open and proprietary technologies capable of supporting decision support, and automation as well as appropriate levels of traceability and transparency.

At IC3-FOODS we are building infrastructure for the Semantic Web of Food, Health, and Sustainability.

Head over to our Core Activities folder to see what we're building, or better yet, JOIN US at our INAUGURAL IC-FOODS CONFERENCE.

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